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7 Figure Entrepreneur with multiple businesses and three decades of international business experience. MBA, CEPA, CPBA


Karin is the founder of Julphi Pty Ltd, a strategic boutique consultancy firm with the focus on value acceleration and business exit planning.
The #1 reason for failure of CEO's and Business Owners globally is LACK of Strategy EXECUTION. Statistics show that many businesses do not succeed past 5 years and that number is even greater after 10 years. Every year thousands of businesses stop trading, get stuck or try to sell their business. It's Karin's vision that every business owner will be able to experience abundance and fulfillment.

Karin wants to celebrate every business owner for building their business and help them to get excited about their next phase.

It's Karin's mission to have every business owner PLAN for their business exit WELL IN TIME to accelerate value in the business for a succesful transition and to live a fulfilled life after the exit, because every business owner deserves to enjoy their next phase in life!

Strategies to execute are Business Owner Exit Planning and Value Acceleration and Julphi offers these services in  "The Business Exit Breakthrough Connector "


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Karin exited 3 businesses in the past few years, one of them Exquira, a premium brand importer, marketeer and distributor.

Exquira was established in 2003 as a business consulting firm to assist European companies to expand into the Australian market with International Go-To-Market Strategies. The company co-organised a trade mission of Dutch entrepreneurs searching for business trade relations and deals in the APAC market. And massive execution resulted in supporting a variety of industries to launch  successfully in this foreign market.

The two Dutch university buddies who founded Exquira later identified a gap in the market and created their perfect niche to import stylish infant brands and distribute these exclusively to the Australian department stores, baby chains, pharmacies & independent retailers. Whilst they had each created their journey to continue their lives in Australia after a successful corporate career in Holland, they had now not only started a consultancy business in a foreign country together, but they had jumped into a niche opportunity and managed to grow a high performance import & distribution company beyond their expectations.

The world has shifted rapidly in the past few years; bricks and mortar stores had to transform and embrace digital opportunities. The pandemic has impacted the entrepreneurial landscape with a new Industry Standard emerging for virtual knowledge transfer and serving others. 

After exiting Exquira, Karin decided to become a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and founded Julphi Pty Ltd. Julphi offers the business owner a journey to plan for their business exit and "life after exit"plan and to accelerate value in the business. 



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Are YOU ready and is YOUR BUSINESS ready? Knowing when to keep your business and when to sell it, can make a significant difference in the success of your exit, your future financial outcome and your next phase in life.


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The best way to exit a business is to start planning years before the event. Start planning ahead and download the free business exit breakthrough guide.



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The best way to exit a business is to start planning years before the event. Congrats on starting your exit journey here with this Top 5 Business Exit Breakthrough guide.

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