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"Top 5 Business Exit Breakthroughs"- Mini Masterclass

Do you know any business owners that are struggling to grow or sell their business?

The past few years have been challenging for many independent companies!
So many business owners feel stuck inside their business, so many business owners are ready to walk away from their business and so many business owners are stressed out.
And on the other hand, 75% of business owners that do exit their business regret the transition within 12 months!

Whether you are a Baby Boomer or a Gen X, you are navigating this ever changing landscape of being a business owner.
Being a business owner can be very rewarding and it may also stress you out or that you are feeling unfulfilled.
But let's celebrate you for who you are and what you have achieved AND for what is ahead of you!!
Because every business owner will EXIT their business one day, INCLUDING YOU!

That's right! INCLUDING YOU!!

And if you do, you want to make sure you translate, transform and exit your business into a celebrated story!

In this Mini-Masterclass you will look at 5 BUSINESS EXIT BREAKTHROUGHS that could help you to ignite your dream of exiting your business on your terms. It could support you to make your future business exit into a positive reality in the next 2-10 years and to guide you to start thinking about your (next) passion.

And here's why you could really benefit from this Business Exit Breakthrough Mini-Masterclass;

  • Maybe you have already made plans for your business exit in the past...but you're unsure where to start?
  • Or maybe you do have a written exit plan or you have even already started to de-risk your business? 
  • And maybe you have only just started thinking that one day - in the next 10 years - you would like to exit your business, but for now you are busy running or even stuck in your business... 
  • And maybe you are ready now to accelerate value in your business and to take the steps to plan for your exit...

This is why this Business Exit Breakthrough Mini-Masterclass is for you!


What will be covered in the Mini-Masterclass?
--> Every Module will have an information session, a breakthrough and a tool or exercise to not only give you valuable insights but also to take MASSIVE ACTION.
When you enroll today in the Business Exit Breakthrough Mini-Masterclass you will get:
* Exclusive access to 5 Business Exit Breakthroughs in 5 modules to work through at your own pace
* Access to a Business High Performance Quiz with a scoring %
* Free 15 min Mini-Masterclass 1-on-1 session
* Momentum to ignite your dream to add more value in your business

Plus you can unlock these BONUSES:
* Business High Performance Comprehensive Report
* Business Value Attractiveness Assessment, "How attractive is your business for a potential purchaser?"  

Book your Mini Masterclass now for: Only $89 incl. GST

It's time to educate yourself and prepare for your business exit AT YOUR TERMS!


After building a 7 figure import & distribution business Karin Rook exited her business and shares in this Mini Masterclass her personal Business Exit Breakthroughs she experienced in her own exit journey. After exiting she became a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and is fulfilling her passion to help other business owners to plan for their business exit.

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