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The Value Builder Score is an interactive tool offering a comprehensive assessment of the “sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell next year or just know you’re building a valuable asset for the future.

When you complete the Value Builder Score questionnaire, you’ll receive your overall score out of 100 in a summary of eight key value drivers, which are statistically proven to improve the value of your company. Combining your score with your Vision Builder and Action Planning sets you up for value growth in 2024!


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Structured Learning

As a business owner, the decisions you make daily, shape the future of your company. With so many choices competing for your time, understanding which ones most affect the value of your company is crucial.

The Value Builder Platform is organized into 12 Monthly comprehensive modules, providing a step-by-step guide to Business Value Growth. 

Proven Methodology

Your business is not just a source of income, it's an investment. To maximize the return on the investment and ensure a bright future, you need to understand the details of what makes your business valuable.

We use an internationally validated methodology to help you gain insight in strategies and actions that can transforms your business into a more lucrative asset.

Tailored Roadmap

Work on a personalized roadmap with Vision Building, Goal Setting for 2024 and drafting action points to overcome obstacles and reach your business and personal goals. 

You can choose to get strategic planning guidance and accountability support from a certified business value growth advisor, or you can learn at your own pace with monthly access to the online platform.

Imagine Your Business Outperforming Industry Peers in Market Value

Signing up for BizExit Breakthrough - Discovery Pass will equip you with the tools to discover what it takes to make this a reality.